Environmental Monitoring – SEA

Methods and Tools T3160 Environmental Monitoring – SEA
Exam Code 3160
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Summer
Module Coordination Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe, Dr. Ta Hoa Binh, Dr. Pham Thi Ngoc Lan
Workload (h) 45 Attendance 105 Self-Study
Prerequisites None
Intended Learning Outcome Participants are able to obtain environmental data…by systematically plan, conduct and document environmental surveys
…in order to support environmental management processes or research activities
Content Rationale of an environmental monitoring

  • Terminology: monitoring, assessment, survey, surveillance
  • Zonation and classification of landscape units
  • The decision making process as driver for environmental analysis

Monitoring methods for environmental and landscape analysis

  • Measuring climate, soil, water, vegetation elements
  • Selected field measurements
  • Selected laboratory analysis
  • Practice of environmental sampling (random, stratified, systematic)

Planning an environmental surveys Groups working on

  • agriculture (climate, soil, water)
  • inundation (climate, discharge)
  • river ecology (water quality, limnology)
  • erosion (soil, sediments, vegetation)
  • renewable energy potential (wind, radiation, discharge, biomass)

Conducting and reporting an environmental survey

  • field work
  • laboratory work
  • data analysis and assessment techniques
  • reporting techniques
Teaching Method Introductory lectures with exercises, Guided but self-planned field and laboratory work in groups, Data analysis workshop
Assesment Method Design of field campaign; Laboratory and field survey protocols, final assessment report
Recommended Reading

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