Master Thesis Preparation

Core Module M1180 Preparation of Master Thesis
Exam Code 1180
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Dr. Rui Pedroso
Lecturers Supervisors
Workload (h) 15 Attendance (h) 135 Self-Study (h)


Prerequisites None
Intended Learning Outcome With the completion of the Module Master Thesis Preparation students are prepared for developing their MSc thesis and other scientific papers based on well-defined scientific structures and procedures:

  • Identify his/her research field and problem domain,
  • Proper assess pertinent research needs and the actual state-of-the-art,
  • Identification of knowledge gaps, research questions and objectives
  • Balance derived research questions and objectives with the empirical complexities and challenges of the applied problems at hand.
  • Identify adequate methodologies, research approaches and data needs
  • Develop a plan for field research
  • Communicate the intended research proposal to peers
Content Equipped with knowledge and skills acquired in the Scientific Work module the students are now taken a step further in their research learning process, the MSc preparation. In this module, the students should prepare a concise scientific proposal for their master thesis. The module demands for a pro-active and self-organizing role of students. The students are responsible for presenting their ideas and contacting potential supervisors for advisement appointments. Several appointment days are foreseen in the time plan of the third semester.The module is structured in four phases.

  • Decision phase
  • Exposé phase
  • Proposal phase and
  • Conclusion phase

In the decision phase students have to decide on their supervisors and topic of the master thesis. In the exposé phase students are asked to produce a 1-page summary of their research proposal. It should already include a small description of the addressed region and problems and possible research needs and solution paths. In the proposal phase students develop their research proposals following a scientific structure according to the advisement of supervisors (see ILO above). The last step is called the conclusion phase, where students present the research proposal to their peers. For this purpose several presentation days are foreseen in the time schedule of the semester. The final proposal must obey a scientific structure as agreed with supervisors and should also include a detailed time plan for the field research.

Teaching Method Input lectures,Self-study, group discussions, presentations to class
Assesment Method Presentation and Research Proposal
Recommended Reading ITT Guideline Master Thesis and Colloquium
Version 03.06.2015


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