Hydraulic Structures

IWRM W4130 Hydraulic Structures
Exam Code 4130
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Summer
Module Coordination Prof. Michael Sturm
Lecturers Prof. Michael Sturm
Workload (h) 50 Attendance 100 Self-Study
Prerequisites Basic knowledge of Mechanics
Competencies After completion of this module the participants

  • The various types of dams
  • The main items to convey water from the source to the demand points
  • The hydroelectric power
  • Understand fundamentals of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics
  • Pre-design simple dams and channels
Content Hydraulics

  • Fundamentals of hydrostatics
  • Flow in open channels
  • Flow in pipelines


  • Embankment dams
  • Concrete dams
  • Dam outlet works

River engineering

  • River morphology
  • Diversion works
  • Cross-drainage structures

Hydroelectric power

  • Potential
  • Classification
  • Pumps and turbines
  • Other components
Teaching Method Lectures with inputs of basic knowledge, Assignment with presentation to special subjects, Field visits, Lab demonstrations
Assesment Method Written Exam (60%), Assignment with presentation (20% + 20%)
Recommended Reading

Course scriptHamill, L.: Understanding hydraulics. PALGRAVE MACMILLAN, New York, 2001.

Chanson, H.: The Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow. Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford 2001.

Roberson, J. A. Et. Al.: Hydraulic Engineering. John Wiley & Sons, INC. New York, 1995.

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