Water Supply

IWRM W4210 Water Supply
Exam Code 4210
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Prof. Michael Sturm
Lecturers Prof. Michael Sturm
Workload (h) 50 Attendance 100 Self-Study
Prerequisites Basic knowledge of water science
Competencies After completion of this module the participants

  • Issues of water catchments
  • Drinking water quality and water treatment
  • Water distribution
  • Appropriate techniques for catchment, treatment and distribution.
  • Assess these techniques
  • Pre-design waterworks and distribution networks
Content Water catchment

  • Ground water (definitions, hydraulics, wells, groundwater recharge, protection)
  • Surface water (rivers, lakes)
  • Water harvesting (definition, types)
  • Sea water
  • Water reuse (definition, types)

Drinking water quality

  • Parameters (microbiological, chemical)
  • Water quality standards (WHO-Guidelines)

Water treatment

  • Overview
  • Aeration and gas stripping
  • Coagulation and flocculation
  • Sedimentation and flotation
  • Filtration (slow sand filters, rapid sand filters)
  • Adsorption of organic compounds
  • Disinfection
  • Point of use treatment
  • Desalination

Water distribution

  • Water demand, water losses
  • Systems ( decentralised, centralised, permanent, intermittent)
  • Water transport
  • Pumping
  • Storage
Teaching Method Lectures with inputs of basic knowledge, Assignment with presentation to special subjects, Lab demonstrations. Field visits
Assesment Method Examination (60%), Assignment with presentation (20% + 20%)
Recommended Reading

Course scriptAmerican Water works Association: Water Quality and Treatment.

McGraw-Hill, New York, 1990.

Ratnayaka, D. et al.: Twort´s Water Supply. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2009.

Mays, L. et. al.: Urban Water Supply Handbook, McGraw-Hill, New York 2002

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