Master Thesis Preparation MENA

Core Module M1180 Master Thesis Preparation MENA
Exam Code 1180
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Dr. Rui Pedroso
Lecturers Supervisor, Dr. Rui Pedroso
Workload (h) 45 Attendance 105 Self-Study


Prequisites None
Intended Learning Outcome
Content Conduct the following planning steps for the research theme identified in the previous semester

  • Describe state of the art
  • Summarize background and justification
  • Formulate a problem statement
  • Identify overall and specific objectives
  • Choose adequate methods and procedures
  • Identify related data requirements and Information sources
  • Develop a field research plan

Master thesis checklist and planning document

  • Each student provides a detailed plan for the field research and methods he/she will follow in the master thesis. An intensive dialogue with the tutors and thesis supervisors accompanies
    this process
Teaching Method Input lectures,Self-study, group discussions, presentations to class
Assesment Method Oral presentation (25 %) and research proposal (75 %)
Recommended Reading
Version 03.02.2014