Sanitation and Public Health MENA

IWRM-MENA Sanitation and Public Health MENA
Exam Code
Credit Points 3 Credits equivalent to 5 ECTS
Term Winter (German Jordanian Univerity)
Module Coordination Dr. Sudeh Dehnavi
Lecturers Dr. Arwa Abdelhay
Compulsory Attendance (h) 48 hours 2 hours Exam


Prequisites Basic knowledge of water science and slight knowledge in water chemistry
Intended Learning Outcome After the completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • To comprehend the global picture of water/sanitation/hygiene and health
  • To understand the processes and concept of wastewater drainage and Treatment
  • To understand the principles of operation of a range of appropriate water and sanitation technologies, and to be able to critically evaluate them with respect to multiple criteria
  • Pre-design drainage systems and wastewater treatment plants
Content Topics Public health

  • Sanitation- related diseases and their Control
  • Public health protection and risk assessment
  • Sanitation, water reuse and public health
  • The need to Integrated water resources Management


Quality Issues:

  • Quality issues in watercourses
  • Quality demands for treated wastewater (regulations)
  • Wastewater Characteristics and flow rates
    – Domestic wastewater
    – Storm water


  • Drainage Systems
  • Centralized wastewater Management
  • Decentralized wastewater Management
  • Construction and Rehabilitation


  • Physical Treatment (screening, grit removal, Sedimentation)
  • Biological treatment (anaerobic; aerobic: activated sludge trickling filters and Rotating Biological Contactors)
  • Nutrient removal
  • Disinfection processes
  • Constructed wetlands (2 case studies in Jordan Wadi Fenan and Wadi Hassan)
  • Wastewater reclamation and reuse (technologies and applications)
  • Onsite and Decentralized Systems for water reuse

Sludge Processing and disposal

  • Sources and characteristics
  • Treatment
  • Reuse and disposal
Teaching Method 16 lectures ( 3hours each), Assignments, Case Study Analysis
Assesment Method Mid Term Exam (30%), Project and Assignments (30%), Final Written Examination (40%)
Assigned text Book Wastewater Engineering, Treatment and Reuse, Metcalf & Eddy, 3rd Edition, McGRAW HILL.
Water Sanitation and Hygiene, HERMANN 2005
Version 31.05.2018