Special Topics – Advanced Wastewater Treatment

IWRM MENA Special Topics – Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment
Exam Code
Credit Points 3 Credits equivalent to 5 ECTS
Term Winter (German Jordanian Univerity)
Module Coordination Dr. Sudeh Dehnavi
Lecturers Dr. Arwa Abdelhay
Compulsory Attendance (h) 48 hours 2 hours Exam


Intended Learning Outcome This course is an overview of the issues, technologies, and applications of water reclamation and reuse. The course will introduce nonconventional engineering aspects of water reuse regulations and guidelines, public health protection and risk assessment, reclamation technologies and decentralized and onsite treatment systems. Finally, the course will shed light on the various water reuse applications.
  • Introduction to water reuse (sustainability, water shortages, motivation for reuse, implementation hurdles)
  • Wastewater characteristics
  • Regulations for water reuse
    Case Study: Jordan
  • Public health protection and risk assessment (waterborne pathogens and microorganisms, chemical constituents in untreated and treated wastewater, emerging contaminant, environmental Impacts)
  • Introduction to water reclamation Technologies
  • Introduction to water reuse applications
  • Perspectives on water reuse planning and management (Integrated water resources management, planning systems, managing supplies, water supply conservation and alternative water)
Teaching Method Lectures, Computer exercises on each topic
Assesment Method Mid Term Exam (30%), Project (30%), Final Exam (40%)
Recommended Reading

Water Reuse, Issues, Technologies, and Applications. Takashi Asano, McGraw Hill,2007, ISBN- 13: 978-0-07-145927-3

Wastewater Engineering, Treatment and Reuse, Metcalf & Eddy, 3rd Edition, McGRAW HILL.

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