Water Scarcity and Drought MENA

IWRM MENA Water Scarcity and Drought (MENA)
Exam Code
Credit Points 3 Credits equivalent to 5 ECTS
Term Winter (German Jordanian Univerity)
Module Coordination Dr. Sudeh Dehnavi
Lecturers Dr. Munjed Alsharif
Compulsory Attendance (h) 48 hours 2 hours Exam


Intended Learning Outcome After completion of this module the participants will be able to…

  • describe and compare measures to cope with water scarcity and drought
  • by quantifying and assessing causes and impacts of climate variability and change on water security
  • in order to develop drought risk and water efficiency strategies and plans at a regional Level.
Content Understanding Scarcity and Drought

  • Spatio-temporal variability of climate parameters, dimensions of water scarcity, classification of droughts
    Overarching principle of reaching “Water Security”
  • The use of indicators and Indices
  • Analyze and quantify drought hazard, vulnerability and risk
  • Analyze and quantify impacts of climate variability and change on water availability and hydrological extremes

Coping with water scarcity

  • Overview of strategies: conservation, allocation, new sources
  • Conservation potential in agriculture, loss reduction in public Networks
  • Water allocation principles and to cope with scarcity at river basin Level
  • Rainwater harvesting, managed aquifer recharge and other storage Options

Coping with droughts

  • Drought monitoring and early warning
  • Drought modeling
  • Develop drought risk management strategies and plans (water allocation plans; structural and non-structural measures, early warning etc).
Teaching Method Lectures, Computer exercises on each topic
Assesment Method Mid Term Exam (35%), Mit Term Project (15%) Assignments (10%), Final Written Examination (40%)
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