Economic Evaluation Methods

Methods and Tools T3170 Economic Evaluation Methods
Exam Code 3170
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Dr. Rui Pedroso
Lecturers Dr. Rui Pedroso
Workload (h) 45 Attendance 105 Self-Study


Prerequisites None
Intended Learning Outcome
Content The decision context of economic evaluation

  • local prices vs. international currencies (shadow prices)
  • financial analysis and cash flows vs. economic analysis and values

Externalities and the role of environmental goods

The total, use-value and non-use value of environmental goods

Direct values from markets (costs or benefits), e.g. avoided costs, replacement costs

Travel Costs Method

Hedonic Price Method

Contingent Value Method

Calculation of CBA case studies related to

  • Water infrastructure development
  • Renewable Energy investments
  • Land use strategy, e.g. reforestation
Teaching Method Adaptive to offered project modules in the first semester; C1130 will provide input to problem-based learning based on: Lectures, Exercises in class / group work (project), Self-study, Reports
Assesment Method Presentation and Report 100 %
Recommended Reading

DG Regional Policy European Commission, Guide to cost-benefit analysisStructural of investment projects, EU Brussels 2002.

Up-to-date case study material will be provided prior to course start.

Version 30.01.2014


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