Methods and Tools T3190 Entrepreneurship
Exam Code 3190
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Prof. Lars Ribbe
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Ulrich Daldrup
Workload (h) 45 Attendance 105 Self-Study


Prequisites Basic knowledge about Business Administration and Project Management is required. It is highly recommended to attend this module in the 3rd semester after participating in module C1130 (offered in the 2nd semester/summer term)
Intended Learning Outcome  After completion of this module the participants will be able to…

  • Develop a business plan based on an idea of innovation
  • By applying a structured approach to entrepreneurship
  • For developing the ability  to convert own ideas into marketable strategies and to start a company (start-up)
  • Definition (business , social, project entrepreneurship) , examples
  • Skills needed by an entrepreneur
  • Product development and Market opportunities
  • Make of a Market Analysis
  • Business planning (initial idea, technology, licenses, market research, competition, marketing, organization, legal form, financial and investment plan, risk assessment,…)
  • Make of a Business Plan
  • Functioning of Business incubators
  • Startup strategies in different countries
  • Financing (investments, seed money, crowd funding,…)
  • Discussion of entrepreneurship and business planning in the context of international and development cooperation
Teaching Method
  • Introductory lectures with exercises
  • Guided work on own business plan and market study
  • Invited experts give presentations
  • Student presentations and mutual feedback
Assesment Method  100% Report (Business Plan)
Recommended Reading  Pinson, Linda. (2004). Anatomy of a Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Business and Securing Your Company’s Future (6th Edition). Page 20. Dearborn Trade: Chicago, USA.Small Business Notes . Business Plan Outline. http://www.smallbusinessnotes.com/starting-a-business/small-business-administration-sba-business-plan-outline.html (accessed 20.09.2015)
Version  20.11.2015