Environmental Assessment

Methods and Tools T3180 Environmental Assessment
Exam Code 3180
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination PD Dr. Udo Nehren
Lecturers Dr. Suha al-Madbouh, PD Dr. Udo Nehren
Workload (h) 45 Attendance 105 Self-Study


Prerequisites None
Intended Learning Outcome

After completion of this module the participants will

…be able to plan an SEA and EIA.

…by applying standard methodological approaches for SEA and EIA.

…in order to support the decision making process for environmental management

Content Overview on environmental assessments

  • Rationale of environmental assessment
  • Types of environmental assessments, role in the environmental management process / cycle
  • Interpretation of sample EIAs and SEAs

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Purpose, Stages, implementation and reporting
  • Exercise: EIA toolbox and examples

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

  • Purpose, Stages, implementation and reporting
  • Case studies: examples for different types of SEA
Teaching Method Introductory lectures, Classroom exercises and computer pool work, Reporting (written and oral)
Assesment Method oral examination (100 %)
Recommended Reading

Glasson J, Therivel R, Chadwick A. 2004. Introduction to Environmental impact Assessment. RoutledgeMarriott B. 1997. Environmental Impact Assessment: A Practical Guide. Mc Graw Hill Professional

OECD 2012 Strategic Environmental Assessment in Development Practice. OECD Publishing

Schmidt M; Joao E; Albrecht E. 2005. Implementing Strategic Environmental Assessment. Springer

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