Farming Systems Economics

NRM N5130 Farming Systems Economics
Exam Code 5130
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Summer
Module Coordination Prof. Sabine Schlüter
Lecturers Prof. Sabine Schlüter
Workload (h) 45 Attendance 105 Self-Study
Prerequisites None
Intended Learning Outcome
Content Farm resources management

  • The decision model of farm-household systems
  • Economic indicators for short-term and long-term decision making
  • Management of farm resources (production factors)
  • System context of land-use management
  • Production economics (factor-factor, factor-product, product-product relations)
  • Economics of labour allocation
  • Introduction to the Linear Programming Approach for optimum resource allocation

Land ownership and market access

  • Interaction with the socio-economic environment
  • Dependencies and farm gate prices
  • Associations and cooperatives
  • Land grabbing

Economic response models of farm – household systems to environmental change and regulative policies

  • Command-and-control
  • Price policies and risks
  • Eco-labelling and fair trade
  • Payment for Ecosystem Services
  • REDD and REDD+
Teaching Method Adaptive to offered project modules in the first semester; C1130 will provide input to problem-based learning based on: Lectures, Exercises in class / group work, Excursions, Self-study, Excursion reports
Assesment Method Oral presentation 100%
Recommended Reading

FAO. Market Oriented Farming, Rome 2008.Viana, V. M. et al. REDD+ and Community Forestry: lessons learned from an exchange between Brazil and Africa. World Bank, Washington 2011

further up to date reading will be provided prior to course start

Version 30.01.2014

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