Food Security

NRM N5170 Food Security
Exam Code 5170
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Prof. Sabine Schlüter
Lecturers Prof. Sabine Schlüter, Prof. Hartmut Gaese
Workload (h) 42 Attendance 108 Self-Study
Prerequisites none
Intended Learning Outcome
Content Development of global food supply and hungerIntroduction to food security concepts The role of food aid and comparison of food aid instruments Urban food security

  • purchasing power (pro-poor perspective)
  • market interventions
  • consumption patterns and education
  • Urban agriculture

Rural food security and local food supply

  • Competiveness of family farming sector, role of subsistence
  • Risks through environmental deterioration and climate change

Food Security and Health

National food security policies

International Trade

  • International trade agreements
  • Market developments in major consumer’s markets
  • GMOs in the production chain
  • Food speculation

Analysis of food (price) crises and lessons learnt

Teaching Method Adaptive to offered project modules in the first semester, problem-based learning based on:Lectures, group work, Self-study, Students‘ Presentations
Assesment Method Paper presentation 100%
Recommended Reading
Version 30.01.2014

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