Bioenergy and Geothermal Energy

REM E6120 Bioenergy and Geothermal Energy
Exam Code 6120
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Lambers
Lecturers Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Lambers, Prof. Christiane Rieker
Workload (h) 50 Attendance 100 Self-Study
Prerequisites none
Intended Learning Outcome
Content Biogenic raw material as primary energy source (10)

  • Biogenic raw materials such as residues and energy crops
  • Energy crops and their agricultural demands
  • Biogenic raw materials and their intrinsic properties
  • Sustainable production of energy crops
  • Potential of biogenic energy sources – locally and globally

Conversion processes: biogenic raw material to second. fuels (12)

  • Biomass pelleting
  • Oil extraction and esterification
  • Thermochemical conversion: carbonization, pyrolysis and gasification

Thermodynamic conversion processes: biogenic energy to heat and power (12)

  • Fundamental thermodynamics
  • Design of biogas and biomass based heating systems
  • Heat engines: thermal power plants, petrol engines, Diesel engines, Stirling machines …

Geothermal energy (16)

  • Deep geothermic applications for heating an electricity production

Use of near-surface geothermal energy and ambient heat by application of heat pumps

Teaching Method Lecture, group work, exercises, plenary discussions
Assesment Method Written examination: 100%
Recommended Reading

Sustainable Agriculture; Lichtfouse, E.; Navarrete, M.; Debaeke, P.; Véronique, S.; Alberola, C. 2009 Springer, BerlinThermodynamics: an Engineering Approach, Cengel, Yunus A./ Boles, Michael A, 2010 McGraw-Hill, New York

Refrigerating Engineering, Eric Granryd, 2005 Royal Institute of Technology,KTH; Stockholm

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