Decentralized Energy Systems Planning

REM E6180 Decentralized Energy Systems Planning
Exam Code 6180
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Prof. Ramchandra Bhandari
Lecturers Prof. Ramchandra Bhandari
Workload (h) 45 Attendance 105 Self-Study
Prerequisites Basics of energy sources and status quo on world energy supply, Energy conversion technology, Renewable energy resources and technologies, Energy storage, Energy economics and markets
Intended Learning Outcome
  • Students develop a renewable energy project plan analyzing the sectoral energy demand, energy resources potential, system sizing, socioeconomic and other relevant factors for a specific site
Content Basics of energy planning (6h)

  • Energy planning theories and models, decentralized energy supply system characteristics, rural electrification – principle and practices, etc.
  • Energy planning tool – LEAP

Energy demand assessment (6h)

  • Holistic sectoral (household, industrial, etc.) energy demand characteristics (electrical, thermal, etc.), demand analysis methods, energy demand data collection procedures and analyses, energy demand calculation and forecasting, etc.

Energy supply system (20h)

  • Energy resources assessment and analysis for the site under study, renewable resources and technology selection methodologies, selection of proper supply infrastructure alternatives (decentralized vs. central), sizing of the energy supply systems required to meet energy demand (electrical, thermal, etc.), simulation of hybrid energy systems (e.g. use of HOMER software), etc.

Economics of the supply system (5h)

  • Economic analysis methods for energy supply systems, business and financing models, rural energy supply projects operation models

Decision making (8h)

  • Environmental, policy, regulatory and other factors relevant to the energy supply systems for the site under study
  • Socioeconomic impacts of the supply systems
  • Sustainable operation models
Teaching Method Lecture, project work
Assesment Method Project Work Group Report: 50%, Presentation: 20%, Exercise 30%
Recommended Reading

Rural Electrification Through Decentralized Off-grid Systems in Developing Countries. Author: Bhattacharyya (Ed.), Publisher: Springer

More: to be announced in the classroom

Version 19.11.2015

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