Energy Policy, Legislation and Management

REM E6160 Energy Policy, Legislation and Management
Exam Code 6160
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Prof. Johannes Hamhaber
Lecturers Prof. Johannes Hamhaber, Prof.Thorsten Schneiders
Workload (h) 45 Attendance 105 Self-Study
Prerequisites none
Intended Learning Outcome The students will be able to assess energy policy by analyzing the policy goals, the legal and institutional framework, the market participants, and stakeholders’ responses in order to evaluate policy options and market interventions for renewable energies and social equity.
Content Energy system challengesEnergy policy

  • Energy policy triangle, complementary and competing goals
  • Energy policy legislation

Energy systems structure, actors and governance

  • Public, Private sector and third sector energy service provision (ESP)
  • Regulatory structures

Review of specific energy policies (case based), e.g.

  • Environmental regulation esp. regarding Climate Change governance
  • Pro-poor policies

Corporate Policy and Management of ESPs (case based), e.g.

  • Adoption to changing energy law
  • Corporate strategies

Integrated policies for energy system transition (towards renewable energy)

  • Goals and objectives
  • Policy measures and impacts
  • Conflicts, contradictions and challenges
Teaching Method Lectures and External Expert Guest Lectures, Students’ Group work, Field visit (energy provider, energy policy institutions,… e.g. in Bonn, Brussels)
Assesment Method Term paper (100%) (Policy analysis, Country analysis)
Recommended Reading

Bauknecht, D. 2011: Transforming the Grid. Electricity System Governance and Network Integration in Distributed generation. Nomos.Kahn, E. 1991²: Electric Utility Planning& Regulation. ACEEE.

Kessides, I. 2005: Reforming Infrastructure: Privatization, regulation, and Competition. World Bank.

Kissel, J.M. 2008: Adaptation von Feed-In-Laws an die Rahmenbedingungen in Schwellenländern (Brasilien). mbv.

Journal Articles (e.g. ‘Energy’ and ‘Energy Policy’; Newbery, Jamasb, …) Current Energy policy reports of EU, Germany and selected countries, see e.g.;;;

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