Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems

REM E6150 Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems
Exam Code 6150
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Summer
Module Coordination Prof. Ulf Blieske
Lecturers Prof. Ulf Blieske, Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Lambers
Workload (h) 50 Attendance 100 Self-Study
Prerequisites none
Intended Learning Outcome After completion of the module students

  • Explain the physics of solar radiation
  • Describe the functionality of photovoltaic and thermal solar systems
  • Develop concepts of solar based district energy supply systems
  • Estimate dimensions and economics of solar based district energy supply systems
  • Discuss the sustainability and the reliability of solar based district energy supply systems
Content Photovoltaics (16)

  • Principles of solar cells and of solar radiation, PV modules, PV system configuration, grid connected and island PV system sizing, simulation of PV systems based on PVSOL

Solar thermal systems (16)

  • Energy transformation: radiation to heat

collector types and heat transfer mechanisms

  • Energy transformation: heat to electricity

thermal power plants and low temperature transformation (ORC)

  • Solar energy application

process heat and cooling application (air conditioning) Project: Development of an energy concept for a small district (18)

  • Groups get the task to develop a combined electrical and heat concept for a district.

+ The district of each group has different peripheral conditions such as climate data, degree of development, infrastructure, industry, inhabitants

  • The students decide on applied technologies and components based and discuss their decisions in the group

The students present their concept in final presentation

Teaching Method Lecture, group work, exercises, plenary discussions
Assesment Method Written examination: 100%
Recommended Reading

Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems. Author: Author: Soteris A. Kalogirou, Publisher: Academic PressSolar Electricity Handbook – 2013 Edition: A Simple Practical Guide to Solar Energy – Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems. Author: Michael Boxwell, Publisher: Greenstream Publishing

Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes. Authors: John A. Duffie, William A. Beckman, Publisher: Wiley

Thermodynamics: an Engineering Approach, Cengel, Yunus A./ Boles, Michael A, 2010 McGraw-Hill, New York

More: to be announced in the classroom

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