Wind Energy and Hydro Power

REM E6170 Wind Energy and Hydro Power
Exam Code 6170
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Prof. Ingo Stadler
Lecturers Prof. Ingo Stadler
Workload (h) 50 Attendance 100 Self-Study
Prerequisites none
Intended Learning Outcome Students are able to understand wind physics and are able to assess wind potentials. They are able to compare different sites for wind park installations by analyzing wind measurement data. Students are able to explain the operation principle of wind turbines and know to describe the different parts of a single wind turbine. Further on, students are able to perform wind park planning by application of wind planning software in order to realize their own projects.Additionally, students will experience the different technical possibilities to use hydro power sources and compare their applications in specific situations.
Content Wind energy (32h)

  • Wind resources, physics of wind, aerodynamics
  • Wind measurements
  • History of wind power, types of wind turbines
  • Nacelle, power train, gear, breaks, etc.
  • Electrical Systems for wind turbines
  • Control aspects
  • Power and energy yield of wind turbines
  • Planning and operation of wind turbines

Wind project planning (WindPro) (15h)

  • Introduction into the wind park planning software WindPRO
  • Conduction of a wind park planning project

Hydropower (3h)

  • Technologies of hydro power applications
  • Basics of power generation with different hydro sources
  • Run-of-the-river power plants
  • Stored and pumped stored hydro power
  • Tidal power, marine currents and wave energy
Teaching Method Lecture, group work, exercises
Assesment Method Written examination: 50%, Case study (individual or) group report: 50%
Recommended Reading

European Wind AtlasErich Hau: Windkraftanlagen

Siegfried Heier:

More to be announced in the classroom

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