Summer Term

Methods and Tools

T3140 Eco-Balancing and Decision Support Systems

T3150 Empirical Social Research Methods

T3160 Environmental Monitoring

Integrated Water Resources Management IWRM

W4120 Hydrology

W4130 Hydraulic Structures

W4140 Water and Agriculture

W4150 Water Economics and Governance

W4160 Watershed Management

W4220 Water System Analysis

Natural Resources Management and Development NRM

N5120 Soil Management

N5130 Farming Systems Economics

N5140 Ecosystem Management and Conservation

N5150 Public Services and Housing Provision

N5180 Resources Efficient Buildings and Quarters

Renewable Energy Management REM

E6130 Energy Economics and Markets

E6140 Energy Efficiency and Environment

E6150 Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems

Winter Term