Winter Term

Methods and Tools

T3110 Scientific Work and Research Methods

T3120 Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing

T3130 Statistics

T3170 Economic Evaluation Methods

T3180 Environmental Assessment

Integrated Water Resources Management IWRM

W4110 Water Resources Management

W4170 Sanitation and Public Health

W4180 Flood Management

W4190 Water Scarcity and Drought

W4210 Water Supply

Natural Resources Management and Development NRM

N5110 Land Use Systems and the Environment

N5160 Ecological and Social Risks

N5170 Food Security

N5190 Urban, Regional and Community-Based Management

N5210 Water Energy Food Security Nexus

Renewable Energy Management REM

E6110 Energy Resources and Energy Systems

E6120 Bioenergy and Geothermal Energy

E6160 Energy Policy, Legislation and Management

E6170 Wind Energy and Hydro Power

E6180 Decentralized Energy Systems Planning

Summer Term