Project I – SEA

Core Module P1150 Project I – SEA
Exam Code 1150
Credit Points 5 ECTS
Term Winter
Module Coordination Jörn Trappe
Lecturers Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tung Hoa, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong, Dr. Do Hoai Nam
Workload (h) 40 Attendance 110 Self-Study
Prerequisites None
Intended Learning Outcome

Students are able to describe problems within the field of Natural Resources Management on a regional scale and understand their interrelation and learn how to work in an interdisciplinary and intercultural group.Students receive a case study region and are working in interdisciplinary and intercultural groups to conduct a regional analysis by applying concepts and methods of the parallel running first semester modules.

In order to develop problem oriented solutions and potential research approaches and to be able to work in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams.

Content Make use of tools and scientific input taught in the first semester. The topics given by the tutors will be relevant for one of the fields of either NRM, IWRM or REM.General Input:

  • Intercultural Awareness & Intercultural Problems workshop
  • Intercultural Teams workhop
  • Introduction into online working spaces of the FH Köln
  • Introduction to Problem Tree and DPSIR methods

Group work

  • Analyse the problem of the case study and describe it in detail
  • Develop the objectives and methods of the group work
  • Implement the project independently while distributing tasks and roles within the group
  • Develop and discuss hypothesis within the team Document the status of the work and the project management during Implementation using a web-based platform (wiki)
  • Develop a problem tree of the given case study
Teaching Method
  • Presence phase for general input sessions for all students of the semester
  • Intercultural workshops
  • Regular meetings with tutor for instruction and preparation of self-study
  • Self-study organized by student groups through independent group work with regular group and sub-group meetings
  • Students will work in groups of 6-9 members on a case study related to natural resources management issues (members are selected on a randomly basis)
Assesment Method 80% written report (wiki); 20% poster presentation
Recommended Reading According to subject of research
Version 11.05.2016

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